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Alice in Wonderland

By Past Production

Delighted audiences travelled down the rabbit hole and joined Alice in one of literature’s most beloved madcap adventures this September.

They met the White Rabbit who’s always late, watched the Dodo and his friends take part in an absurd Caucus race and enjoyed tea with the Mad Hatter, and avoided the clutches of the Queen of Hearts!


By Friends

We are very grateful to the unending generosity and support of our Friends, without which, we would be unable to provide such brilliant facilities and technical equipment for our productions.

Thank you …

By Friends

It’s thanks to the support of our Friends’ of Petersfield Youth Theatre, that we are able to afford items that benefit our rehearsals and productions as a whole.

See our Rehearsals

By Friends

If you join Petersfield Youth Theatre as a Friend, you will benefit from occasionally enjoying the rare opportunity of being invited along to one of our rehearsals.

Summer Fun

By Project Archive

Summer 2016 was all about fun!  PYT put on a week’s worth of fabulous theatre-based workshops in August at Bedales School and it was wonderful!

Our workshops were run by our professional and inspiring workshop leaders and allowed young people to take part in and explore the different aspects of theatre in a nurturing and exciting way and all within a safe and friendly environment.

With our Summer Workshops, PYT are happy to welcome both members and non-members to participate in an exciting week of creative fun!

Activities vary, but workshops over the years have covered everything from making masks to mime, show tunes to circus skills, giving those who aspire to tread the boards or those looking for something a bit different to excite their imagination, a chance to learn what it really feels like to be part of an ensemble!  These opportunities lead to greater confidence and allow children to really blossom with friends, whilst inevitably making new ones, too.

PYT’s projects bring many young people together from all walks of life and all capabilities to create wonderful memories that can last a lifetime.  More workshops to come in 2017!

All that Jazz!

By Past Production, Uncategorized

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Easter Holiday Project

By Project Archive

Are you interested in stepping into the spotlight?  Do you enjoy musical theatre?  Do you like a challenge? Would you like to join others to create a musical production in just one week with professional theatre performers and directors?

Well, you can!  This Easter, PYT will be bringing another wonderful week of activities to Bedales School, Steep, working with 150 young people to create an fully staged production, which will be performed for your friends and family!

Take on the challenge, come along with your friends and make new ones.  Have fun singing and dancing and experiencing the love of musical theatre.

Application forms available shortly.

Beginners on Stage

By Project Archive

The phrase ‘Beginners on Stage’ is one that is called backstage five minutes before the curtain goes up… and many a professional actor still finds the words cause a frisson of nerves!

Last year’s Easter project was run by Nik Ashton (PYT Artistic Director), Joe Pitcher and Debbie Baty (Directors) with Musical Direction from Jill Farrow and Brendan McCormack.

The Workshop Leaders were Jonny Fines, Laura Pitt Pulford and Caroline Sheen, with 18 of PYT’s older members helping out.

130 young people took part and had a wonderful week leading up to a presentation to family and Friends on the last evening,

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