The workshops are a great way to engage in PYT outside of our productions and projects during term time. They have been introduced into the PYT creative programme to give our members more opportunities to embrace all things theatre and to hone, challenge and inspire their skill base. Theatre skills are incredibly transferable into everyday life and it has been wonderful to track the increase in self-esteem, the sense of joy and belonging in the participants. They are all becoming more comfortable and confident in their own abilities on and off the stage.

We try our best to offer workshops for all age groups to engage in a variety of disciplines and opportunities to explore theatre skills and the performing arts. The workshops content will have some structure but is always flexible to accommodate participant interests and needs also. The programme will differ every term and be advertised to all members.

Workshops may include:

  • Drama games
  • Choreography/Movement
  • Script work
  • Singing
  • Improvisation
  • Presentation skills
  • Improve your confidence
  • Team building exercises
  • Share your work
  • Meet new friends

Please note days and provision can change depending on the rest of PYT’s creative programme and workshop leader availability. If you have any queries please email