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Weekly Workshops

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The workshops are a great way to get involved with PYT during term time outside of our productions and projects. They are designed to bring our members the joy of…

“The power and impact of Petersfield Youth Theatre is difficult to put into words, yet implicitly understood by any member, supporter or creative who has had the privilege of being part of it. PYT is more than drama workshops and productions. The sheer delight and thrill of being part of producing exceptional Youth Theatre is what attracts so many of Petersfield’s youth, but the real magic of PYT sits beyond the end product.

To be part of PYT is to know discipline, rigour, passion, self-belief, community, teamwork, and for many members, life long friendship. I’ve witnessed children and young people whose confidence and self-belief has been transformed by these gifts, and countless adults credit the opportunities PYT gave them for growing into the people they are, myself included.

For many young people in Petersfield, PYT has awoken a passion for performing arts and a determination to pursue it professionally, but whatever they go on to do in their lives, the experience of being part of a collective which inspires, nurtures and extends the realms of possibilities, has benefited so many children and young people in ways you can’t imagine.”

Charlotte Alldridge, previous participant

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