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A Christmas Carol

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Join Scrooge on his time-travelling journey to both the past and the future, whilst experiencing his wicked ‘Bah Humbug’ ways change for the better. With all the detail of a Dickensian period drama, this musical has a beautiful score full of both impressive ensemble scenes and moments of poignant intimacy.

Featuring a cast of almost 100 and a live band, PYT will be telling this famous story with both energy and heart, offering you the perfect Christmas treat for all the family.



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Since it first hatched in 1993, Honk! – a charming twist on Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Ugly Ducking’ – has winged its way around the world in over 8,000 productions.

Seen by over 6 million people, Honk! has won multiple awards including the 2000 Olivier Award for Best Musical, beating The Lion King and Mama Mia!

“Imagine the colour and wit of Disney’s Jungle Book, mixed with the vivacity of ‘40’s Hollywood musicals, exuberantly staged, and you still only have some idea of how stonkingly brilliant this treat is…”                                                                                                     (Review of National Theatre Production)

If you buy tickets for the opening performance on Tuesday 19 September, we invite you to a complimentary reception in the Rose Room at the Festival Hall after the performance.  With special thanks to MacDonald Oates for sponsoring this event.



Tuesday 19         7.00 pm

Wednesday 20 7.30 pm

Thursday 21        7.30 pm

Friday 22              7.30 pm

Saturday 23        2.30 pm & 7.30 pm

Sunday 24           2.30 pm

Box Office: One Tree Books from Friday 25 August


Les Misérables Masterclass

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Sunday 18 June | 11am – 5pm

Young people aged 12 plus are invited to take part in this exciting day of musical theatre. This project is open to both PYT members and non-members.

Jill Farrow will be working with us along with Chris Cuming. Jill has been the Musical Director on many of our PYT productions – we look forward to working with her again on this exciting project. Jill will be joined by Chris – Chris is a young director and choreographer who has recently worked on the European premier of YANK the musical. Chris will also be directing our Autumn production – FAME…the musical.

To sign up for this project simply fill in the application form and return to:
PYT, The Space, 2a Heath Road, Petersfield GU31 4DU
When your application form has been received we will send you further information.

Costumes for Hire

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We have been very encouraged that some of our regular costume hirers have been back in touch and managing to come up with inventive ways of putting on their productions in these uncertain times. If you are looking for costumes for youth members please do get in touch as we are able to provide a COVID safe visit to our wardrobe department and welcome working with creatives again!

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For more information about hiring costumes, please see our Costume Hire  page.

Or email our team who would be delighted to hear from you at

All that Jazz!

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