Petersfield Youth Theatre runs workshops for its members during term time. These are currently aimed at School Years 1-6 through Learn, Rehearse and Perform and School Years 7+ through our Musical Theatre Performance Skills.

These workshops are led by fun, passionate and experienced practitioners. Our aim is to create a positive and supporting environment for our young members to learn stage skills, gain confidence and know how to audition when the time comes.

Those new to our workshops will find them a great way of exploring their creative side and making new friends. Participants build up confidence and have the opportunity to feel part of an inspirational group of young people from all walks of life and capabilities.

Learn, Rehearse and Perform –  Thursday evenings

For Learn, Rehearse and Perform the first 5 weeks will be skills based – giving confidence and performance skills to our members. The remaining 5 weeks will be working towards a performance on the fifth week which we will share with parents/guardians. Be prepared for a challenge and lots of fun while you make new friends and discover new skills. This workshop is open to members in Years 1-6.

Dance for Fun – Tuesday evenings

Inspired by Fagin’s gang we are offering a dance class for boys in Years 1-6 to further develop their dance skills. This will be a tailor-made dance experience that will give them the skills to tackle choreography and movement with confidence and flair.

Musical Theatre Performance Skills – Tuesday evenings

The Musical Theatre Performance Skills workshop explores the wide reaching genre of musical theatre with huge amounts of energy and passion. All the participants will be introduced to new skills whilst honing any existing skills in preparation for auditions and production demands.  This workshop is open to all members in Years 7+.

For more specific information on our Spring 2019 Term workshops including dates and cost, and the application slip to book a place, please click the link below:

PYT Spring 2019 Workshops

To enquire further about the workshops please email