Songs for a Summer’s Day

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Running PYT is a real joy for all involved, but also brings huge responsibilities. We aspire to do great things and try hard to push boundaries, all whilst managing risks and fulfilling the duty of care that we have for our participants, volunteers and audiences.

With this in mind we have reluctantly taken the decision to cancel our performances on Saturday August 22.

 The last few months have certainly been a tricky time for many of us. We tend to rely on creative experiences to keep our souls alive and give us a sense of purpose, and the COVID pandemic has made that incredibly hard. It has also demonstrated how important our friends are and how much we value spending time with one another. These are all great reasons for us wanting to deliver our project.

The Government guidelines and restrictions make it impossible to deliver a public performance. We had hoped that things would have eased up by now, but that sadly hasn’t been the case.

PYT have assembled a team of professional filmmakers to lead our members and alumni in making a film of all the songs we had planned. We are delighted to still be able to offer all our young people a safe and fulfilling experience and we hope to be able to share our film with you later in the year.

If you have bought tickets to one of the planned performances, we will be in touch to arrange refunds very soon.


Weekly Winners

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Would you like to help a local charity and have a chance of winning a jackpot of your own?


Why not join Weekly Winners – PYT’s major fundraising scheme to raise funds for the PYT Bursary.


We are hoping that one high profile fundraising scheme will be more beneficial than an endless stream of different smaller events. By paying via Standing Order there’s no fuss involved and you get the satisfaction of helping a local charity without really having to do very much. Unlike national schemes, there’s also a much higher chance of you winning something!

The funds raised will be for the PYT Bursary which is designed to assist members who may not otherwise be able to participate in PYT activities due to financial barriers. These bursaries will cover up to 100% of the fee for these activities and each application will be carefully assessed on a case by case basis. In order to apply for the Bursary members need to request an application pack as detailed on our ‘Join Us’ page.

Without Weekly Winners subscribers we would be unable to offer this support. If there is any surplus income it will be used towards our creative programme which will benefit all PYT members.

Please click on the button below to learn more about how it works and how to apply.

Become a Weekly Winner

Join PYT

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Join PYT – if you are interested in joining Petersfield Youth Theatre, please download the application form and Guidelines noted on the Join Us page.

We accept new members at the beginning of each academic term, in January, April and September.

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